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The Load Out Music Podcast

Hosted by Aaron Perlut, the Load Out Music Podcast features intimate conversations with emerging and established musicians, recorded at the Gaslight in St. Louis.

Sep 13, 2021

Unless you closely follow the Americana music circuit, the name Paul Thorn may sound more like an elegant fashion brand rather than one of the more distinctive singer-songwriters out today. But the Mississippi-raised Thorn – a former championship caliber professional boxer who once fought the great Roberto Duran – has one of the more unique styles today blending blues, folk, funk, gospel, country and rock that pack quite the punch. Think Lyle Lovett with a voice more along the lines of Marc Cohn. Thorn is the son of a preacher whose uncle was once a pimp, and he brings a tangible passion to everything he does – you feel it in our conversation. There’s an intensity behind every word, every thought, every feeling. And it makes for a compelling conversation with Paul Thorn. Enjoy.