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The Load Out Music Podcast

From Rock Hall-of-Famers to Grammy winners and emerging artists on the cusp of greatness The Load Out Music Podcast is hosted by singer/songwriter Aaron Perlut and features intimate, long-form conversations with music artists.

Jul 9, 2020

In 2016, The Record Company released an album called Give It Back to You which spawned three Top 10 hits including the smash “Off the Ground.” But if you weren’t paying attention, you may have been just a bit confused. The Record company isn’t a record company. It’s a band – a funky, gritty, makes-you-want-to-boogie, thumping rock and roll band fronted by former Wisconsin farm boy Chris Vos. And that first album became one of those records that you can listen from end-to-end and struggle to find a song you don’t enjoy. In Episode 9 of The Load Out Podcast we speak with Vos and talk about life growing up on a dairy farm, playing in tiny Wisconsin bars as a teen, his eventual move to Los Angeles where he’d meet his two bandmates and handling the instant fame that comes with a smash record.